UPDATE: 23/05/19


I am delighted to announce that Adrian's new website will go live on June 1, although his new books maybe on sale prior to that so keep checking via his twitter feeds @presstrack and @WLRS1000 and on facebook (just search) Track Record Press and you'll find it. Or go direct to, but please remember at this stage most of the website is under construction and while work is going on behind the scenes, much of it you won't see until the live date. I will be keeping this page open and alive until my involvement i.e, Westerns Vol 3 and the last four books have been completed. In the meantime for all the new news, catch the twitter and facebook social media platforms above to keep abreast of what is coming and when it is out. I've seen the first proofs of the two new books and they are belters. It is a whole new era and, with a management company behind him and a completely new structure which means the end of pre-orders and immediate sale and delivery. It is as he says in his interview (see menu) going to be his lasting legacy and his final works. 


Ahead of the migration coming from this website to the completely new business one being put together by the WLRS (Western Locomotive Research Society) there are a number of changes to be made to the catalogue. I have now extended deadline for last orders of books from the catalogue until July 1 due to the many emails I've had. Then I will remove the Class 22 book from the catalogue along with Tracks of My Years. Winds of Change '73 has already gone. It is Adrian's intention to remove Teenage Lament, Indian Summer, Spirit of '76 and Final Salute also. So as from July 1, none of these books will be available. 


After a re-jig with the printer, I can now confirm the following updated publication dates for the outstanding titles. 

Westerns Vol 3: JUNE 30 2019

Sun and Sea: JULY 15, 2019

Westerns on Shed: AUG 30, 2019

1000 DAYS: SEPT 30, 2019

and finally, Specials OCT 30, 2019 


Since I placed two pages of the Westerns Vol 3 on here, I've had a fair few emails from people asking if they can pre-order this title. The simple answer is no until it goes live  in the catalogue after publication. Adrian is firmly against any further pre-ordering of titles for the issues and delays it can cause. Hope this clears things up. 


Nearing the end of the line.   


Mr C has had a difficult few years but he's still found time to leave me with the diesel books and produce what many are saying is his masterpiece. His new book has already generated great interest among the nation's 4, yes 4, million anglers and thousands of supernatural buffs. Stemming from his own experiences on the country's most famous carp water in the history of angling, he and his old friend Len have combined to produce an eagerly awaited volume. I know it is not really for you rail fans, but a link to the publisher's website will be placed here shortly in case any of you like to dabble in a bit of maggot drowning with a ghostly tale or two. (see cover below...)